Nusa Coffee x GISAU: Coffee Tasting

By Monica Loney

Video produced by Omar Prazhari.

On Saturday January 20th, Nusa Coffeehouse held a tasting for the public to sample a few of their Indonesian blends. The backroom was packed full of coffee lovers sampling and showing their support for the Indonesian fare. They offered two brewing methods; pour over and french press, to educate us on how the flavour of the coffee is affected by each.

As always, I was over joyed with the awakening aroma and the sense of community that filled the café. Smiles, laughter and those delicious single origin beans, bonded us together as we gained more knowledge on the flavour notes, brewing methods and partnerships Nusa Coffeehouse is involved with.

Thank you to both Kenny and Inggrid for dishing out that knowledge and preparing those brews; alongside those UBC volunteers handing out the samples and smiles. What a wonderful family Nusa has created!

Make sure to stop by when you are in Kitsilano and give their coffee a try. To learn more about their way of giving back, be sure to visit their website

Special thanks go out to:

  • Roasters: Republica & Prototype (Canada), Red Spatula & MRoastery (Indonesia)
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