Nusa Coffee x GISAU: Coffee Tasting 2 - Feature on Flores

By Monica Loney

Video produced by Omar Prazhari.

On Saturday March 24th, Nusa Coffeehouse held another lively tasting event to showcase their Indonesian Specialty coffee. The objective this time was to educate the public purely on the roasting profiles of the beans.

The ambiance was set with a live jazz band serenading the crowd and the fruity aromatics of their featured Flores blend. The combination of the two, made for a perfect rainy afternoon in Vancouver.

The crowd was split for flavour preference: dark or light roast; learning through each sip how the same blend of bean can produce different profiles based on the roasting methods.  What everyone could agree on however, was the wonderful sense of community Nusa Coffeehouse continued to create that day.

Special thanks to Kenny and Markus for sharing their knowledge and displaying great pour over skills, Soegi and Thomas for the musical pairing and finally our featured roasters Republica and Prototype for providing the beans.

Taking North American's love of coffee to help expand cultural awareness, seems to be quite a hit here in Kitsilano. So next time you have a taste for adventure, stop by Nusa Coffeehouse for a sip of Indonesia and indulge your senses in this exotic fare.

Nusa Coffee