Green Beans - Sumatra Gayo

Green Beans - Sumatra Gayo

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Gayo Arabica Coffee 

Grade 1

Source: Aceh Tengah District, Sumatra - Indonesia

Arinagata Cooperative is a Gayo Arabica Coffee producer and exporter specializing in organic coffee. The cooperative has 2168 coffee farmers on 2436 hectares of coffee plantations, covering 39 villages in Aceh Tengah district of Aceh Province, Indonesia. 

 Altitude: 1200-1800 masl

Variety: Gayo 1 (mostly Timtim)

Process: Semi Washed

Cupping notes: spices, medium acidity, velvet/long ends

Typical aromatic notes: white grape, vanilla, floral

Certifications: Organic Control Union and Fairtrade international

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